Many people love the look of a farmhouse kitchen and want a sink that matches grandma's. These heavy sinks are sometimes called apron sinks

Latest Trends In Kitchen Sinks

these days, kitchen sinks are becoming more and more of a central focal point in kitchen design. in the past, sinks are only seen to be the area where you clean up, but designers and diyers have realized the impact that kitchen sinks create through their visual and functional appeals.

here are the most popular kitchen sink styles today:

vessel sinks

vessel sinks, also known as basin sinks, have become popular in contemporary kitchens. these types of sink are slightly recessed from the counter, and usually placed slightly above the counter top, instead of below it as in traditional sinks. due to its recessed nature, a vessel sink is largely visible so that it makes a major design statement.

there are a variety of vessel sinks available and they are made of various kitchen-friendly materials such as stainless steel, natural stone, metal (copper or aluminum), glass, and wood. since they are raised above the counter top, it can be convenient to use as home owners need not bend over while working, so it will expectedly be easier on their postures and on their back. the cost of vessel sinks largely depends on the material.

farmhouse sinks

farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, are becoming quite a trend as well nowadays. they are named so because they imitate the rectangular, deep look and visible front that is very common in vintage and rural houses. they can either be mounted or placed on top of the counter top, and these basin-style sinks usually do not have a deck on its exterior so that faucets and other accessories can be installed directly onto the counter top, or somewhere beside the basin.

most farmhouse sinks are made from enamel or white porcelain, but a lot of manufacturers have started to use other modern materials such as stainless steel, fireclay, natural stone, copper or wood. they are available in single and double basin styles.

prep and entertainment sinks

many home owners have recently discovered the advantage of having a slightly smaller, secondary sink. these auxiliary sinks create a huge difference in terms of the kitchen workflow. these prep or entertainment sinks offer an additional workspace for other minor functions such as for wine to chill, for someone to assist in chopping onions or for washing the hands before eating a meal.

trough sinks

for kitchens which are rather crowded, conventional rectangular or square sinks can be a problem as it offers only a limited space. trough sinks have been developed to accommodate two, three or four drains and faucets, so that there can significantly be enough elbow rooms for big families who look to cook. these are best for big kitchens, restaurants, and so on.

seamless sinks

nowadays, sink styles have evolved into seamless designs. people have realized how difficult it is to clean the spaces and crevices between the sink and the countertop. in seamless sinks, the sink and the counter top are put together in one single piece so that pushing food, dirt or spills right into the drain is as easy as 1, 2, 3. with seamless designs, it is a lot easier to maintain a clean kitchen.

kitchen sink designs slowly evolve to fit the needs of home owners. thus, if you are choosing yours, make sure that you choose one that fits right into your functionality needs, as well as the overall kitchen design you want your kitchen to be.

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